Palo Alto Seminar – Successful Communication with Your Employer – A Panel Discussion

On Tuesday night the Palo Alto Nanny team hosted a panel discussion for their candidates. The panel included two T+C Placed Candidates who had some valuable experience and advice, and we were all blown away at how well Maria and Margarita spoke to professionalism in the home, expertise in their field and the advice they shared with other Nannies in their careers. Maria and Margarita highlighted the…

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Mother’s Day Ideas

According to, the idea for a “Mother’s Day” is credited by some to Julia Ward Howe (1872) and by others to Anna Jarvis (1907), both of whom suggested a holiday dedicated to a day of peace. President Wilson eventually signed a measure officially recognizing Mother’s Day as an official holiday to be celebrated on the second Sunday of every May. If you’re stumped on…

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