5 Benefits

5 Benefits of Using Town + Country

Every year we ask our candidates to tell us what they find most valuable about our services and how we can further improve them.

Here are the top 5 benefits they cite and the reason why Town + Country Resources is the Bay Area leader in household jobs:

1. It’s Free.

Town + Country is focused on finding you a great job quickly and there is absolutely no cost to you.

2. Great Jobs.

Town + Country has the best jobs in the Bay Area with hundreds of positions from which to choose. You can see nearly all of these jobs profiled and updated on our web site every week.

3. Fast Results.

Town + Country creates a professional resume for you, calls your references for you and sets up all of your interviews. We streamline the process for you to save you time and help you find the right job.

4. Competitive Compensation.

Town + Country’s extremely helpful, experienced Placement Counselors help you negotiate salary and benefits including vacation, sick and paid holiday time.

5. Professional Support.

Town + Country provides you with the tools and support you need throughout your job search and your employment to help you achieve long-term career success.

Join us! Be represented, not just registered. Find out more about our services and how easy it is to get started on your job search.

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