What household professionals are saying

“My placement counselor really listened to what I was looking for. She worked hard to place me with the right family. In fact, everyone at Town + Country was really focused on matching staff with the right families.”

- Rhonda

“I feel so fortunate to have found my positions as a result of working with your agency. Thank you for your ongoing support, your consistent availability to answer questions and for checking in with me from time to time. Your entire staff has been incredibly supportive and professional at all times. I can’t thank you enough.”

- Felicity

“I feel security with you guys and only wanted to find a job through your agency.”

- Margaret, Nanny

“Three words: Best Job Ever! I couldn’t have asked for a better family. Thank you so much for your help and the resources you provide!”

- Cathy

“I want you to know that it is so wonderful to have Town + Country as a resource. But more than that, in the five years I have been connected with you, I have always felt taken care of in the most professional way. It is always a real pleasure to deal with all of you and I sincerely appreciate your help in finding a job.”

- Rosie

“Town + Country is a great resource for Nannies, Housekeepers, Estate Managers or Personal Assistants to get connected with San Francisco’s finest families. The background requirements are more stringent than elsewhere, but it is definitely worth it. Town + Country works with many families over long periods of time, therefore knowing the business very well.”

- Tina, Estate Manager

“Town + Country provides such great service pairing service professionals with families. Thank you for all your help!”

- Joel, Chef

What clients are saying

We love our T+C placed Nanny! She is wonderful and has made life so much easier for me going back to work. I have absolute confidence that my son is safe and feels loved which is invaluable. Thank you again for all your help finding the right match.


“Candidates were at a much higher level of professional experience & competence.”

- Melissa

“After our kids were too old to need a nanny, we realized we still needed help so we decided to hire a personal assistant. I tried to find one on my own but after a nightmare experience I realized I couldn’t do it on my own. We asked our friends how they found their awesome assistant. They said they rely on Town + Country. I called Nancy and she found Alison, who is ideal. Hopefully she’ll stay with us until the end of time. Town + Country is worth every penny.”

- Anne, Writer and Mom

“Things are great with Cynthia. Having a personal assistant has made my life feel so much more roomy. I’ve been more productive at work, and am enjoying my time with my children so much more. My sex life has even improved! 😉 I’m delighted that I used your services. And even more so that Cynthia is so terrific. We’re a good match. Thanks again.”

- Sandra, Entrepreneur and Mom

“Walter is amazing! Guests are raving about him. Our last menu was unique, carefully thought out and just delicious. We are foodies so have high standards yet the dinner was among the very best I’ve ever had.”

- Jocelyn, San Francisco

“Anne has been with us almost two months and in every respect she has exceeded our expectations. She is first and foremost a lady, very polished and anticipatory of our habits and needs already. [Town + Country] did an outstanding job of offering us a very qualified list of candidates and we chose the best one!”

- Samuel

“Florence takes such good care of my mother. She is loving, smart, kind and very knowledgeable. A pure and gentle soul with a great sense of humor. We enjoy having her in our home. Thank you for finding her for us!”

- Christine

“I was just named Chief of Neurosurgery. My husband and I have both achieved our professional goals and raised sweet and loving children. I tell Gina, our nanny who’s been with us for 14 years, that we couldn’t have done it without her. We’re grateful to Gina and to Town + Country for finding just the right nanny for our family.”

- Eileen, Surgeon and Mom

“I was really impressed with Town + Country. I started working with another agency; they sent six Baby Nurses but I didn’t like any of them. When I switched to T+C, Elizabeth really listened to me; she paid attention to what I needed and was looking for. Then she made the match – Rosemarie, the Baby Nurse I hired, was the first person I met.”

- Barbara, New Mom

“Rose was a big support, provider of great advice and a good partner to us. It was nice to have her there every evening. She helped with a lot of sleep training and really participated in the stages and changes in the baby’s development that occurred over the months she was with us. She was incredibly helpful along the way, both practically helpful and helpful on a psychological basis. We trusted her completely. We could just go to our room and relax and know that she would care for our son the way we would ourselves.”

- Marian, First-time Mom

“Kay is a top-notch newborn specialist. She seems to intuitively understand when I need help and when I’d prefer to be alone with my baby.”

- Jane, mother of 2-month-old girl