Social Media Etiquette 101

There’s no shortage of buzz out there about Social Media etiquette, but it seems like plenty of people still manage to get themselves into trouble by posting things that get them in trouble at work or reflect poorly on the professional reputation that otherwise deserve. Maybe gave a good general rule when they blogged recently that “The reality is that companies pay their employees…

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Searching for a Housekeeper: A Cautionary Tale

We recently came across this post by marketing expert Seth Godin from a few years back. Maybe not everyone’s experience searching for a Housekeeper is going to be as bad as the example he describes. But it does speak to the benefits of working with an agency that has a long history with its Candidates and does careful background and reference checks before introducing you to…

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Online Public Image

Do your household employees think that their email address or the information on their MySpace or Facebook profile won’t impact their professional image or their ability to keep their job? They need to think again. While having an online profile is all the rage and everyone has an email account, the details of this information could be more important to your employee’s professional image and…

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