How to Work Collaboratively with Your Nanny

The Nanny you hire plays an important role in the development of your child or children. Your Nanny will want to be sure he or she remains consistent with your approach and preferences, so continued communication while maintaining a team mindset is very important. Here are a few specific items you should address as an employer:

  • Discipline
  • Screen Time
  • Behavior
  • Patterns and Habits
  • Education
  • Health and Diet

How do you see yourself raising your children with regards to these, and other important, topics? Do you have strong opinions about anything in particular? If you do, mention it! It would be even better if you bring it up in the working interview. This will enable the Nanny to go into your job with his or her eyes wide open. If there were an aspect of your job a Nanny cannot overlook or work with, it would be better to know that before you offer him or her the job. As much as you are interviewing a Nanny, he or she is interviewing you too. Let them make an informed decision!

It is important to note that your preferences are likely to change over time, so regrouping and checking-in regularly is very important. What worked for an infant will not necessarily work for a toddler. Both parties should be flexible and adjust based on your child’s needs.

No one can parent just like you, which is not a bad thing, but if you want your Nanny to follow your rules and guidelines, train him or her in accordance with your preferences. Even the best Nannies will need guidance in their new job.

We hope these reminders will help you and your Nanny form a lasting and successful working relationship!