What clients are saying

“You ladies are amazing and do such great work to support all of us working parents out there…THANK YOU for the assistance, help, guidance, advice and good humor. I’m a client for life!”

- Shauna, Executive and Mom

“I have had an extraordinary experience with T + C. I know you have the referral fee, but there’s no way I would have found such amazing employees without you. You find incredible people and I am so happy to have worked with T +C.”

- Page, Busy Executive

“I was just named Chief of Neurosurgery. My husband and I have both achieved our professional goals and raised sweet and loving children. I tell Gina, our nanny who’s been with us for 14 years, that we couldn’t have done it without her. We’re grateful to Gina and to Town + Country for finding just the right nanny for our family.”

- Eileen, Surgeon and Mom

“I was really impressed with Town + Country. I started working with another agency; they sent six Baby Nurses but I didn’t like any of them. When I switched to T+C, Elizabeth really listened to me; she paid attention to what I needed and was looking for. Then she made the match – Rosemarie, the Baby Nurse I hired, was the first person I met.”

- Barbara, New Mom

“Rose was a big support, provider of great advice and a good partner to us. It was nice to have her there every evening. She helped with a lot of sleep training and really participated in the stages and changes in the baby’s development that occurred over the months she was with us. She was incredibly helpful along the way, both practically helpful and helpful on a psychological basis. We trusted her completely. We could just go to our room and relax and know that she would care for our son the way we would ourselves.”

- Marian, First-time Mom

“Kay is a top-notch newborn specialist. She seems to intuitively understand when I need help and when I’d prefer to be alone with my baby.”

- Jane, Mother of 2 month old Girl

“I wanted to let you know that Allie is fantastic! She takes great care of the kids, the house is in great shape when I get home from work and many of the errands and chores I had to do myself are now done for me – it’s really wonderful! Going back to work was stressful and I knew I needed all the help I could get. I thought that finding the right person to take care of my kids and my house would add to the stress, but I was really impressed with your process. The pool of candidates you sent was of the highest quality and well screened ahead of time. You assured me we would find the right fit – and we did!”

- Sally, Mom and Sales Executive

“After our kids were too old to need a nanny, we realized we still needed help so we decided to hire a personal assistant. I tried to find one on my own but after a nightmare experience I realized I couldn’t do it on my own. We asked our friends how they found their awesome assistant. They said they rely on Town + Country. I called Nancy and she found Amy who is ideal. Hopefully she’ll stay with us until the end of time. Town + Country is worth every penny.”

- Anne, Writer and Mom

“Florence takes such good care of my mother. She is loving, smart, kind and very knowledgeable. A pure and gentle soul with a great sense of humor. We enjoy having her in our home. Thank you for finding her for us!”

- Christine