Another Successful Housekeeper Seminar with Charles MacPherson!

bookIt’s been two weeks since Town + Country’s Housekeeper Training Seminar with Charles MacPherson and the feedback from clients and candidates is exceptional!

One attendee said, “Charles has a very engaging, warm, welcoming and non threatening presentation style.  He is funny, uses props and personal stories from his extensive experience to accentuate his points, and he has a clear command of the subject matter. The content was valuable and organized well.”

Charles MacPherson, founder of the only accredited Domestic Staff Academy in North America, lead a two-day version of his Housekeeper training program. The seminar covered world-class housekeeping techniques, and gave access to advice and guidance from a leading industry expert.

Many of the attendees swarmed him a the end of the “graduation” with thanks and praise, and a few had him autograph their workbooks and had their own photos taken with him. “He is a morale booster!”

Each student gained hands-on practice and also received a detailed and illustrated housekeeping and laundry workbook.  Charles covered a range of key technical skill plus general instruction on domestic service, including …

  • Making the perfect bed
  • Gorgeously folded laundry
  • Formal place setting
  • Time management skills
  • Cleaning and dusting specialty surfaces using museum-grade techniques
  • Best practices for stain removal, including step-by-step instructions

Another student comment that she “was blown away by the amount of materials [Charles] used in one day to thoroughly demonstrate best practices as well as what not to use.”

Charles is just about to release of his first book, “The Butler Speaks: A Return to Proper Etiquette, Stylish Entertaining, and the Art of Good Housekeeping.” The book is available for sale April 23, 2013 but can also be purchased for pre-sale from