Why work with an Agency? Be represented, not just registered!

For over 40 years now, Town + Country has prided itself on helping both our candidates and clients “find the one.” For a Town + Country candidate, helping you find the perfect in-home job means that you are represented, not just registered.

We recently came across a posting at “The Undercover Recruiter” blog site titled “Why a Recruiter is necessary in Your Job Search.” The posting is focused more on the corporate world, but it can help explain what it means for a candidate to be represented by an agency like Town + Country, and why that can put you ahead of the competition in your the job search:

  1. We have direct contact with the family who is hiring. Our Counselors build relationships with both candidates and clients to ensure that before an interview is set-up, only the best possible matches are introduced.
  2. Our Counselors know the families and the job description. We’ve already talked to the hiring families at length, so when we introduce you, you can have confidence that your skills, qualifications & personality will fit their needs and expectations. You’re already ahead of any candidate not represented by T+C because they don’t have a T+C recommendation.
  3. We provide career and job advice. Our counselors know the ins and outs of the jobs and these careers. From the minute you begin your job search with us, to the end of your job search and throughout your career, our counselors provide you with valuable feedback from lessons learned. We’ll hold your hand until you tell us not to.
  4. Up-front honesty. We practice full disclosure for both clients & candidates. Our goal is the same as your goal and our client’s goal … to find the perfect long-term fit for everyone involved. We will never steer to towards a job that wouldn’t be the right fit, and we’ll never pressure you to take a job that you don’t want.
  5. Interview preparation. Each family and each interview will be different, and each job will have its own special needs and circumstances. We will send you into each interview prepared and with the information you need to shine.
  6. Resume assistance. With the work we do on your behalf and the materials we prepare, we will present you in the most polished & professional light with a great T+C resume, references and background check results. You’ll be way ahead of the competition way before you arrive for your first interview.

Companies in our broader industry are often called “headhunters.” We don’t see ourselves that way. Our mission is to “find you the one,” and in pursuing that mission, we see ourselves as matchmakers. We represent the best candidates and match them with families who value and trust them in their homes.