Our Top 10 Holiday Gift Suggestions for Your Household Staff

You’re happy with the services your household employee provides for you and your family, so why not show them how you feel? The holiday season is here and this is a perfect opportunity to show them just how grateful you are.

When it comes to holiday tipping, there are no hard and fast rules. How much you give largely depends on what you feel you can afford and the quality of service you receive. That said, there are certain gifts our Candidates tell us are particularly coveted. Read on for Town + Country’s top ten.

  1. Money Talks. The time-tested cash bonus is always appreciated, and is the gift of choice for about half of the families we work with. How much to give? A good rule of thumb is one to three week’s salary depending on the number of years of service.
  2. Pick Up The Tab. Give them a night out on the town with a gift certificate to a special restaurant or movie passes.
  3. Deck Their Halls. Send a little holiday cheer their way with a wreath, floral arrangement or potted plant.
  4. Put It In Writing. Take time out to compose a handwritten note expressing how much your employee means to you, your family and your children.
  5. Share Their Passion. Let them know you’re interested in the life they lead outside your home with a gift that feeds their passion, such as a wine tasting class, a subscription to a gardening magazine or theater or event tickets.
  6. Let Them Play Hooky. Who wouldn’t love an unexpected day off? Paid, of course.
  7. Get Personal. Traditional picture frames, key rings and bracelets become much more special when personalized with their monogram.
  8. A Moment’s Peace. Ahh, the gift of relaxation. Send them to the spa with a gift certificate for a facial, manicure, pedicure or massage.
  9. Send Them Packing. Help them turn their dream vacation into a reality with the gift of your frequent flyer miles.
  10. Child’s Play. Collaborate with your child to produce a homemade gift from the heart, such as a basket of cookies or a framed piece of art.

As you consider what to give this season, keep in mind that the most important message you can send is heartfelt appreciation for all that they do for you, your household and your family. After all, it is true what they say: It’s the thought that counts.