One last spring cleaning tip for summer & beyond!

Though spring is “on it’s last legs,” we wanted to give you a couple cleaning tips that may still be useful. These tips are both Nanny and parent-worthy and may have added health and safety benefits for your children or charges.

We all know babies put everything in their mouths, including their toys! A great daily habit to get into is to wipe down toys on a regular basis with a baby wipe. Even better would be to use a bit of dish soap diluted in hot water but that definitely takes more time.

To really disinfect properly, suggests having caregivers clean teething toys and other toys that frequently end up in your child’s mouth using bleach and hot water at least once a week. Make sure to rinse properly. Tub toys are no exception and should cleaned and dried as best as possible on a regular basis.

Next, you might start thinking about the stuffed animals. They are not exempt from these rules either! Most can be laundered with mild detergent. Pay special attention to this after a child has been sick or other children have played with them.

One last recommendation for surface area cleaning. We are avid fans of disinfectant wipes. They make any job easier to do more frequently. If you’re not a fan, consider the recommendation at to use a diluted bleach solution (one half cup of bleach per gallon of water) to wipe surfaces clean. Be sure to rinse and air dry!

Enjoy your cleaning!